The migHealthCare consortium has concluded a year long research effort focused on access and provision of healthcare to migrants and refugees. The research, led by the University of Uppsala and with the participation of organisations from 10 European countries included both a literature review as well as a series of focus group discussions and interviews in the 10 countries.

The first phase of this research scoped over 70 papers from across Europe written both in English and native languages in order to provide an overview concerning migrants’ access to healthcare in 10 EU member states. Following the literature review, partners conducted qualitative research in all 10 countries. Between November 2017 and April 2018, 20 focus group discussions and 19 interviews with healthcare providers, policy makers, NGO representatives and volunteer workers were conducted. The collected data were then analyzed and put together in a transnational research report. The research results will be presented in academic conference, publications, as well as on the migHealthCare website.